Bubblez Nude

Bubblez Nude

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  • Hot Sexy Naked Babes want's to play with you. The goal of the game is to destroy assigned amount of colour bricks. This amount is displayed in left side of status bar. Group colour bricks using magnet to create groups of same colours. If group contains four or more bricks of same colour an explosion occurs. More bricks destroyed by single drop, more score you get. Let's play! XBubblez is a game that will test speed of your reactions and your gaming skills. Your task is to eliminate all coloured bubbles in each level. Does it sound easy? Don't wait and put your skills to the test! You can find several bonus items which will fall out of hited bubbles randomly. This way you can gain lost life, extra level time, slow bubbles movement or upgrade harpoon.

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  • Download Bubblez Nude game free

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