Lord of the Rings - Rise of Darkness

Lord of the Rings - Rise of Darkness

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  • In this strategic tower defense game, select either the human forces of Mankind or the evil Darkness, and battle waves of attacking enemy armies with your towers to defend your homelands. Each tower has a different hit power and attack range. There are also towers with special attacking abilities, such as freezing or poisoning. You must place you towers around the map carefully and strategically in order to stop a certain number of enemies reaching your buildings. Each defeated enemy gives you money to buy extra towers. Use your [ARROW KEYS] to move around the map. In order to build towers; press the [FIRE] key to reach the side menu to select which tower you want to build. Press again to go back to the world map and press fire again to build you tower on the map. Remember; you can only build towers where there are no roads or obstacles.

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  • Download Lord of the Rings - Rise of Darkness game free

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